Quitter EP

by Cola

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released March 20, 2015



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Cola Northampton, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Living in the Dark
You can try real hard but you're still a fuck up
Tell me dear am I good enough
Fed my heart to a dog and she tore it apart
It's lonely living in the dark
Track Name: Delusional Jesus
You're delusional Jesus you bastard son but you know I don't mean it
We're disposable rejects baking in the sun now we hang from the ceiling
What the fuck were you thinking are you just playing the part
You know I won't find salvation I don't have the patience
Please take your cronies back to the start keep your mouths closed and hang yourselves with your halos
Delusional Jesus
Track Name: Leech King
I made soup from stones
Burdens in my bones
And youngblood out there
So I ain't going nowhere

I'm the Leech King
I'll bleed you dry
Bleed for me

I love myself the most
This lonely life I chose
There's youngblood out there
So I ain't going nowhere
Track Name: Black Shirts in June
Dreaming again
I got myself here, I'll get myself out
Black shirts in June
You know I make death bloom
The horsemen are coming to see you
They already know my name
Track Name: Permanent Freak
All my food comes from a shelf
I got my thoughts from somebody else
Women don't even pay attention to me
What am I some permanent freak

Feeling useless, feeling dumb
First world problems I've got some
The flies don't even pay attention me

Fuck you future, the past has won.